Friday, August 27, 2010

It's for real!

Members of Lancaster Cohousing are getting their hands dirty. Since plans were approved to redevelop a 2.5 hectare site on the River Lune at Halton near Lancaster, things have been moving on apace.

As a group we have been land clearing and salvaging prior to the building contractor making a start. Everybody is having an input with regard to soft and edible communal landscaping and everything seems a lot more real now that we have decided on doors, windows, door handles, taps, floor boards and other interior details.

Exciting social happenings too are afoot, such as our communal meals, films and visits. Hurry to grab one of the 6 homes remaining of the 34 in the first phase of the development, or come to a Sunday brunch at the Whale Tail in Lancaster - we hold them on the 4th weekend of each month. See our website for more details.