Thursday, July 19, 2012

Terrace A - approaching completion

The building site is busier than it has ever been
The cladding on the flats is being finished off

The scaffolding on Terrace B and the Common House has come down a bit early  so that  we can get a cable through the the solar panels on the adjacent terraces before the 31 July Feed In Tariff registration deadline  

The Common House looks roomy now it's not full of scaffolding
The sliding doors will lead to a terrace overlooking the Lune 
A bathroom in a typical house
And the district heating station under the stairs

An upstairs flat

Paving the street
A typical house kitchen
We're screening the stone out of the subsoil which came from the slope that was below terrace E.  The subsoil can be recycled into topsoil whilst the stone can be reused.

Building gabions in front of Terrace A
Laying the floor in an upstairs flat - a couple of weeks ago

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Interested in one of our last few homes?

We expect to sell all our remaining homes this month!  All but two homes are bought or reserved and we have one application.  If you want to apply to join/buy a home please do so by Sunday 29th July.  Info about joining is here.  If you do miss out this time don’t worry; we have an active waiting pool and potential rental opportunities. 

The homes that are available are
Plot 36; a 2 bed in Forgebank (the current owner wishes to move to plot 32)
This is a semi detached leasehold home with an elevated position, small private garden and great views, priced at £208,500.  Please contact us if you would like to know more details and they will be available on the website soon.

Plots 33 and 32; 3 bed Heron Bank homes
The details of these terraced freehold homes are available here.  They are on the edge of the site and have private gardens and car parking spaces. Buyers are welcome but not obliged to fully opt in to the community, details here.

Our events this month are
Sunday 22 July (and 4th Sunday every month)
  • 11am Brunch at Whale Tail CafĂ©, 78a Penny Street, Lancaster, LA1 1XN
  • 1.30pm site tour, Forge Bank, Halton (map), by request . Meet at the Mill building – follow the Whittle's signs (our building contractor) to get to the site
We hope to offer an integration meeting this month (provisionally 3.15pm after the site tour on 22 July) so please let us know if this would interest you.  Also if you’d like to meet us or see the site at another time get in touch.