Monday, September 17, 2012

Extreme Gardening - Sunday 16 September

Kitting up
Many people wanted to take part in this, as it sounded so much fun. In the end, for safety reasons we chose our experienced and qualified climbers, Steve, Robin and Becky. And though they all remained incredibly cheerful, it was cold and poured with rain, so maybe the fun aspect was somewhat diluted.

Getting started
Having seen the complexity of the climbing skills needed, on top of the dangers of stanley knives in operation near security ropes (very counter-intuitive for climbers), this was definitely the right decision.

Sowing seed

The retaining bank north of Terrace D was seeded as a meadow last spring as it is the plant roots which will really hold the soil in place long term rather than the green matting. Some of the soil washed out within a few weeks taking the seeds with them and leaving bare patches. We thought we would try and reseed the bare bits this September, by cutting small slits in the upper matting and spreading a mix of seed and sand behind and then repegging.

The bare bit

Becky said, 'This was a great new experience. I have never tried to garden from a rope before.' However in some areas all the soil has gone, which is useful to know as something else will need to be done there, and we could only have found out in this way.


 Vertical Gardening Continued, Steve: 

To add to Kate's blog I have added a couple of photos taken hanging off the rope. From the big grin on her face it's obvious Becky just loves dangling from ropes in the pouring rain!

Hopefully the reseeding will take effect before the winter weather draws in. I suppose we will have to wait until spring to see how effective it was.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

GM Weekend and more residents move in to Forgebank

Another month, another GM. This September saw a move closer to the Common House, just up the road at The Centre, Halton. A great location (with an amazing skate park) if, on that Saturday, a mite toasty what with the warm September weather and the number of bodies in one room.  Long discussions on Common House food were lightened by Polly taking the role of energy monitor and communicating with her fellow cohousers  through the medium of toy gesticulation, and sprint circling of the room.

The view along Terrace A. All is peaceful. The location of the children identifiable by the assemblage of bikes, scooters and shoes.

A view from the South side of Terrace A looking East to the Common House.
Sunday sees the return of another Marshalls van, this time loaded with Paul and Kathy's worldly belongings all of which are swiftly transported  to one of their two current abodes in Terrace A. For some (well me) this was the first experience of life on the pedestrian street - everyone lending a hand with a tag team of watchful adults keeping a relaxed eye on children whilst being able to help the removals.
Then afterwards hanging out on the stoop formed from the steps up to the cycle store opposite Huw and Lucy's house .

Martha, Lucy and Eliza at home.
Whittles must be feeling the pressure to deliver our homes on time. Even their most junior apprentices are working their weekends to help meet the September deadline... 
Some of our first guests to Forgebank. Two (or was it three) nests of swallows with their accompanying displays of aerial bird acrobatics in the sky above the street.

Wednesday sees work starting on the gabion wall to Terrace F. Pouring rain slows the work but must help to wash the mud off the stone.

And finally, through the deluge, the view of Forgebank from the over the Lune. Our homes are coming along fast.

Can't wait to move in...