Friday, December 21, 2012

Moving house - by pedal power

I recently moved to Forgebank by bicycle! I borrowed an eight foot cycle trailer for the move. It took me six days, and 11 trips, to take my belongings the three and a half miles from Lancaster to my new home. Frances has done a great video about it that you can view on youtube here:


Lots of my new neighbours helped out. On one journey I had five cycling helpers, towing two more trailers, two baby buggies and one with large panniers.

 You’d be surprised how much can fit in a baby buggy!

Everything went by bike, including a dresser, chest of drawers, bookcase, dining table and chairs and two garden benches.

The last day was hard. It was pouring with rain and the trailer got stuck in mud on my garden path. I had to unload and start again. Then at the end the slope, the heavy load and the rain meant I only just managed to screech to a halt!

But it all feels worth it now I’m settled in to my warm eco home by the River Lune and enjoying living in the community. It was a lot more fun and less stressful than moving the traditional way!

When I had finished with it, Kathy used the trailer to pick up a festive tree for our Common house. Happy Holidays!